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A Latent Impression  Brea, La Habra, La Mirada, Whittier and San Bernardino Valley.

We strive to meet your scheduling needs.  Please leave a message and we will return your call.  You are always our priority.  Our equipment is mobile, we meet everyone at the local Corner Bakery when available.  If you have a group of 5 or more, we may arrange to have an agent come to your location as our way to thank you for your business.  Thank you for choosing A Latent Impression.

To contact us:   
A Latent Impression Live Scan
     P.O. Box 0812 
                                              Brea, CA 92822                                                (7
14) 990-3304

E-mail: alatentimpression@gmail.com
"Fast, Reliable, Accurate and Afforadable Live Scan Service"

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 How Do I Check My Live Scan Results?


You can check your fingerprinting status by calling the Department of Justice's 24-hour automated telephone service at (916) 227-4557. You will need your birth date and the 10-digit Automated Transaction (ATI) number which is located at the bottom of the Applicant Live Scan Request Form. The ATI number always appears in the following sequence: 1 letter; 3 numbers; 3 letters and 3 numbers.


 How Long Does It Take To Get My Live Scan Results?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) usually processes Live Scan fingerprinting within 24 hours. Delays may occur. For any significant delays the DOJ will contact the requesting agency. The results are either emailed or sent to the requesting agency listed on the Request for Live Scan Service Form. Once the Live Scan process has been completed, please contact the agency handling your employment or licensing with all inquiries.

The Live Scan Company never gets results on any scans completed.



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